Air Conditioning Installation In Greenwood, IN

What is better than a perfect oasis from the summer heat?

Homeowners in Greenwood deserve a perfect indoor climate.

Whether it’s for a new build or because your current AC has finally given up, making sure your Greenwood, Indiana, home is comfortable, especially in our climate, is crucial. A reliable air conditioner is key to keeping your family cool and healthy during the hot summer months.

Choose Honest Abe’s For Professional Air Conditioner Installation

When it comes to the best air conditioners in Greenwood, we have you covered.

We also deliver the finest customer service around. Proper installation is essential for ensuring its efficiency, lifespan, and your overall comfort. That’s where Honest Abe’s Heating & Cooling comes in. As a trusted HVAC company in Greenwood, our skilled technicians are dedicated to installing top-notch heating and cooling systems the right way.

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What to Know Before Buying a New Air Conditioner

When you work with Honest Abe’s, we make the daunting task of choosing the best air conditioner in Greenwood easier. There are dozens of factors to consider, but with Honest Abe’s at your service, we provide guidance.

Here are some essential aspects to consider:


It’s crucial to avoid an air conditioner that is either too small, leading to insufficient cooling capacity, or too large, resulting in unnecessary energy consumption and higher expenses.


Prioritize air conditioners with a high SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating. A higher SEER indicates superior efficiency, ultimately resulting in reduced energy costs for you.


Evaluate features such as variable-speed operation for quieter and more consistent cooling, or smart technology enabling remote AC control.

You can trust our team to skillfully assist you throughout the selection process, ensuring you discover a unit that perfectly aligns with your home’s requirements. Are you prepared to uncover the optimal air conditioning solution for your home? Contact Honest Abe’s today to explore our selection of Carrier® and Medallion® products.

Our AC Installation Process

At Honest Abe’s, we take pride in our meticulous and accurate installation process, which lays the foundation for your air conditioner to perform optimally right from the start. Here’s a preview of what you can anticipate when you choose to partner with us:

Free Consultation

Our skilled technicians will come to your residence to evaluate your requirements, suggest the perfect air conditioner, and present a clear estimate.

Scheduling Installation

We manage all essential permits and arrange a convenient installation date that suits your timetable.

Expert Services

Our licensed technicians will skillfully set up your new air conditioner in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines and the industry’s best standards. This encompasses installing ductwork, working on refrigerant lines, and making electrical connections.

System Startup and Testing

Upon the completion of the installation, our certified HVAC technicians will conduct comprehensive tests on your new air conditioner to ensure it functions efficiently and fulfills your cooling demands.

Cleanup and Walkthrough

We’ll ensure your home is left tidy and take the opportunity to explain the operation and maintenance requirements of your new air conditioner.

If you are contemplating an enhancement to your cooling system or if it’s time for a new installation, get in touch with Honest Abe’s for air conditioning services in Greenwood, IN.

Financing Plans to Make Your Purchase More Affordable

At Honest Abe’s, we recognize the importance of investing in a new air conditioner. This is why we provide flexible financing solutions to help you manage the cost. Our credit application process is simple and quick, requiring just a few minutes of your time. We are committed to ensuring that all residents in Greenwood can enjoy a cozy home without financial barriers.

Honest Abe’s Air Conditioning Services

Honest Abe’s prioritizes your year-round comfort above all else. We go beyond merely installing air conditioners; we commit to their long-term care. Our highly skilled technicians excel at identifying and resolving various air conditioning issues, such as:


  • Insufficient airflow



  • Inconsistent cooling



  • Refrigerant leaks



  • Unusual sounds


Regular air conditioning maintenance is essential to minimize the chances of expensive repairs and sudden malfunctions. Honest Abe’s provides expert tune-ups and a comprehensive preventive maintenance program designed to prolong your air conditioner’s lifespan and optimize its performance.

Our cost-effective HVAC maintenance package features semi-annual check-ups, discounted rates for members on repairs, and waived diagnostic charges. Furthermore, each Carrier® air conditioner we supply and set up includes a standard 10-year warranty covering both parts and labor, all at no extra charge to you. Please note that annual maintenance is mandatory to uphold the warranty’s validity.

What Our Customers Say

I can not say enough good things about Honest Abe’s! I’ve had baseboard heat for over six years. When it came time to replace the baseboards with a furnace, I researched like crazy and got several different quotes. Honest Abe’s gave me the best price, came out in a timely manner, and had it all completed in no time. I thought this was going to be a huge pain in the neck project and it was far from that! My house is so warm and cozy! Honest Abe’s received a customer for life! Hands down the best HVAC company I’ve ever dealt with!

-Kaitlin Vanrheenen Strauch

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When you choose Honest Abe’s for your air conditioning installation in Greenwood, IN, you can rest easy for years to come. Our thorough installation creates a perfect oasis from the hot Indiana summers and our maintenance keeps you happy for years.

By opting for Honest Abe’s, you acquire more than just a cutting-edge cooling unit; you also receive the assurance that your air conditioner is set up to endure and function optimally. Contact us either by phone or online now to arrange your air conditioning installation in Greenwood, IN.